22 October 2017

2736 the golden line for monday 23/10/17

2736 will be the golden line for daily monday.

above that will consider bullish zone
anyway 2736 line wil be touch for the golden line zone for refference.

19 October 2017

Market Border 2714

Bullish If above 2714 & instead

11 October 2017

Daily Border 2716.

Bearish Mode if market below 2716 & instead.

07 October 2017

Market Border 2700

If sustained above 2700,its remained uptrend.
Just play around this figure.

*Disember 2017 Contract.

29 September 2017

Market 29/9/17 Still in Bearish Mode

Highest 2704 Lowest 2686 Closed 2697.

Yes we are back.

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